The Garden Design Process

Because, after all, we are creating YOUR garden…our customized 6-stage process is all about creating the garden YOU want in a stress-free, professional and creative manner.


Consultation – This gives us a chance to determine your needs, vision, parameters, restrictions and budget  
Site Planning – A thorough detailed inventory and analysis is done of the future or existing garden site
Design concepts – We present you with options, gather feedback, and provide rough estimates of pricing to aid in decision-making
Final design – A detailed full-colour drawing complete with planting list becomes the basis for the new garden
Installation – Our team creates your garden according to our exacting standards of soil requirements, plant handling and care and overall tidiness of the workspace
Walk-through – We take you on a guided tour of your new garden, address any questions, provide advice for future care and maintenance


Sample Project  - Native Plants and Sustainability

Our client gave us the following wishlist for their new garden:
Spectacular display of native perennials | Succession of bloom & visual interest in all seasons | Attract birds, bees, butterflies
Low water requirements | Sustainable perennial garden | No trees or large shrubs

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